Awe fin  _ 솔튼페이퍼 (Saltnpaper).

If I go before my time
there won't be too much
for me to lose as long as
I'm holding close to you
to my heart in frames and light
the silver screen in my eyes
the silver screen in my eyes
the day we go
into the light is what we know
like drive-in shows
we'll preview the scenes
of what's to come
We have waited so
now it won't be too far
so what's left but to be a friend
To everyone
To everyone
The day we go
into the light it's the unknown
like drive-in shows
the sequel to this is where we'll go
Yeah awesome fin

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  1. 아 처음 듣는 곡이네요. 이곳에 오면 몰랐던 한국의 아티스트를 하나 둘씩 알아 가네요

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    • 아! 그런가요? 데보라님은 음악적 취향, 영역이 많이 넓으셔서 한 번쯤은 접해보셨을줄 알았어요. 제 취향대로, 듣고픈 음악들을 기록해 보는데.. 공감해 주시니 감사합니다. 오늘도 즐거운 하루 되시길 바래요.^^

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